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RAA webinar to explore Stats and Stories - 17 July 2015

Stats and Stories: The Impact of the Arts in Regional Australia is a ground breaking project funded by Regional Arts Australia and Australia Council for the Arts that calls for new ways to identify and respond to Australia’s vast land, diversity and differences, including its challenges and opportunities in regional Australia, using the arts as the vehicle.

You can join the conversation hosted by Regional Arts Australia about the research project in a webinar on 17 July 2015 from 11am- 11.45am.

Undertaken by academics in the Business School at Deakin University, the research project was led by Professor Ruth Renstchler, who will present during the webinar with her co-researchers, Kerrie Bridson and Jody Evans, and Executive Director, Regional Arts Australia, John Oster.

In reviewing a wide range of literature on regional arts, including national and international studies, reports and ABS statistics, the researchers identified important themes that highlight the value of regional arts across Australia.

The project identified that regional arts activities support the strengthening of community connectedness, social inclusion, civic pride and community identity as well as providing opportunities for regional development and economic regeneration.

RAA will host conversations on the research findings and complementary issues including:
• the role of the arts in regional communities;
• the interplay of community and cultural development; and
• the nature of creative industries.

The webinar will examine ideas and resources to help explore the community and cultural development landscape in regional Australia and develop and evaluate your community arts and cultural development project.

Download the e-invitation and find out more about the publication here.