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Resistant Obsolescence: Nothing is Useless

Repurposed and redundant technologies have been given new life in an exhibition at Lismore Regional Gallery, Resistant Obsolescence: Nothing Is Useless that opened at the weekend.

Funded through the NSW Government Regional Partnership program through Arts NSW, it is the result of a creative partnership between the gallery and the inclusive creative collectives, RealArtWorks and Tralala Blip.

Curated by Zeb Schulz and Randolf Reiman, the process-based project creatively investigates the compulsion to consume the new.

Zeb says Resistance Obsolescence  grew out of an earlier project, and the support from the RAF enabled the engagement of artists, with and without disability, as paid professionals.

His work with artists with a disability is not new.  Zeb was the founding artistic director of the multi-media theatre group with adults with intellectual disabilities, The Dirt Bones Assembly, in Wagga Wagga and after moving to the North Coast founded RealArtWorks Inc.

‘In this iteration of the exhibition artists have developed skills including being taught how to weld by Keith Cameron at his workshop in Tabulum, about 90 kilometres from Lismore. Some of the machine partsarts were hand forged and used with one of the first bullock teams in the area,’ Zeb says

Workshops were also organised through SeeSpace – a not for profit organisation dedicated to building partnerships with arts and non arts organisations and individuals to develop opportunities for artists and the arts community.

‘A number of the professional artists don’t necessarily work in the artforms being used in the project. This is multidisciplinary and creating new artforms, which is very exciting.’

Local people have also contributed materials for the project.

‘We’ve had people bring in little analogue kits, but what is really interesting is people’s fascination with the item the kit is installed in like a crappy TV from the 80s, rather than the technology.’

And in a nod to the more recent past, the project is being documented on VHS and will be accompanied by a four track soundtrack.

The exhibition is also interactive with the second and third installations allowing for performance.

‘We’re really keen to have the audience perform on the objects and be part of the whole experience.’

As to the question of when technology becomes obsolete, Zac didn’t have an answer.

Zeb is looking forward to heading south when exhibition is recontextualised for the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

Core Artists: Randolf Reimann, Michael White, ‘The Deins’ (Mark, Wayne & Shane), Jake Stevens, Mat Daymond, Mike Smith, Sarah Stewart, Lydian Dunbar, Zac Misfud, Sunita Bala, Keith Cameron, Louis Page, Zeb Schulz

Contributing Artists: Jesse Mackintosh, Paul Schulz Retrovox, Filmshark Productions

Curated By: Zeb Schulz and Randolf Reimann

View more information about the exhibition here.