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Restoration Of Tibooburra's Sculpture Project

The Far Northwest town of Tibooburra received an extra shine in October with the restoration of Antony Hamilton’s sculpture – ‘Myth and Mirage’. This is one of two works of art resulting from the Silver City Highway Sculpture Project, 1999. This sculpture is an exact replica of Sturt’s 30 foot whaler boat which the expedition party had carried out to the region in search of the inland sea but ultimately abandoned at Depot Glen, 40km SW of Tibooburra.

West Darling Arts identified that the sculpture piece was in dire need of repairs, without which, would have seen the boat only last another two or three years. “The boat was in very poor condition having suffered from dry rot and an attack of ‘cocky-it is’, according to West Darling Art’s Regional Arts Development Officer, James Giddy.

With the assistance of the Tibooburra Progress Association, ‘Myth and Mirage’ was lowered from its impressively great height, covered in copper shingles, cut, moulded, glued and stapled by three members of WDA; James Giddy, Kathy Graham and Geoff DeMain over a period of four days.

During the restoration, the site was attended by a number of visitors and locals. “It was great”, according to Giddy, “the visitors all either contributed through advice and encouragement, or took away from it a sense of pride and ownership of being there when the restoration was being undertaken”.

The Tibooburra Progress Association will soon oversee the boat being returned to its original position back up on top of the support holes, where it will be left to the elements to slowly change its appearance over time through the weathering of the copper.

If you would like further information regarding this project please contact: Kathy Graham 0427798811