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Ceramic artworks for Arts Table features Wailwan people designs

The second of the donated works for the Walsh Bay Arts Table 2014 silent art auction comes from Indigenous artist, Kevin ‘Sooty’ Welsh.

Artist: Kevin ‘Sooty’ Welsh Regional Arts Board: Outback Arts
Artwork: Coolamon and digging stick. Medium: ceramic
Size in total: 50cm x 17cm x 5cm

A proud Wailwan man, Kevin ‘Sooty’ Welsh is from Coonamble. His creativity and passion for his culture and arts started early in life. Dedicated to exploring his cultural heritage through painting, ceramics , woodwork and photography. Sooty creates his works in reference to his identity, country stories and Wailwan ancient marks and tree carvings.

Sooty has donated a ceramic coolamon (an Indigenous Australian carrying vessel) and digging ┬ástick made with clay and fired with a matt glaze. Inspiration has come from the traditional use of coolamons by the Wailwan people. The design carved into the coolamon references the tree and ground carvings of his people’s area.

For further information and sales contact Outback Arts

Regional Arts NSW thanks Kevin ‘Sooty’ Welsh for his generous donation of his artwork.

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