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The Lindt Photographs - The Search for Identity Continues

Grafton Regional Gallery continues to be a key player in the search to identify Aboriginal people, portrayed in photographs taken by German photographer, John William Lindt in the 1870’s.

In 2004 news of the auction of the photographs in London caught the attention of businessman and collector Sam Cullen and his wife Janet. Keen to bring the photos back to Australia, Cullen and his wife purchased the photographs.

The portraits and their ‘rescue’ by businessman and collector Sam Cullen and his wife Janet were the subject of an episode in February, 2013 of ABC Television’s Australian StoryThe Light of Day told how the Cullens did not want to add them to their collection, but return the Australian culture and artefacts to their home, in this case to the Clarence region of New South Wales.

The photographs are currently on display at the gallery for the next phase of identifying the people in them, and their connections to people today.

While the photographs are on display, members of the public are being encouraged to make connections with the images. The Lindt Research Project group is inviting the public to visit the gallery, see the exhibition and write down any relevant information about the photographs and the people in them, adding to the ongoing search.

Expressions of interest are also being sought for the positions of researcher and assistant researcher for the project established to develop a database focussing on information about Aboriginal people of the Clarence Valley from the earliest records until 1939.

The exhibition is on until 27 July 2014. You can read more about the project here.

Watch the Australian Story Light of Day episode and view some of the photos here.