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Is Holbrook's Yellow Submarine the World's Biggest Yarn Bomb?

As we live a life of ease 
Everyone of us has all we need
Sky of blue and sea of green 
In our yellow submarine!  

(The Beatles, Yellow Submarine)

Scottish submarine, the HMAS Otway, has been parked in Holbrook since 1994 as a monument to the Victoria Cross submariner who the NSW town was named after. But this winter, its steely shell has been cosied up with sunny yellow, in tribute to the 50 year anniversary of The Beatles tour of Australia.

This project has been underway for four months, as preparations have been managed by Murray Arts to produce the world’s biggest “yarn bomb, with knitting enthusiasts and volunteers contributing yellow knitted pieces which are now being installed on the 90-meter long body of the submarine, for tomorrow’s official launch.

Millions of stitches, thousands of contributions in every shade of yellow and hundreds of stories have been poured into the project which, on Thursday 12 June 2014, will be launched by Murray Arts, together with Greater Hume Shire Council, Holbrook Submarine Museum and the Holbrook Sheep and Wool Fair.

The Holbrook YELLOW Submarine project has captivated the hearts and minds of knitting and crochet enthusiasts, of all walks of life. It’s a community project that has spun yarns and truly joined threads across the country and, indeed, the world. The installation will be on display for all to see until the 12th July, after that it will disappear forever, leaving no trace of its existence. After the project’s end, the installation will be dismantled and yellow ‘blankets’ to will go to local animal shelters, providing warmth to four-legged friends throughout the winter.

Go visit if you can or check out the project’s wonderful Facebook community.

Check out the project video in The Border Mail’s story here.