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Day in the Life of a Dingo Sculptor

Hamish Dunlop spends a frenzied 24 hours installing a pack of dingoes for the opening of the Equinox Solar Art Exhibition in Broken Hill. Story courtesy of Jenia Ratcliffe from ABC Open.

In September 2012 New Zealander artist Hamish Dunlop travelled to Broken Hill to install a pack of dingoes as part of the Desert Equinox Solar Art Exhibition. Hamish encountered obstacles, hiccups and misadventures in the lead up to his show but with humour and determination he completed his mission at hand and finally let his dogs begin their journey.

This was just the beginning. Over time Hamish has increasingly become an integral part of the pack, travelling with them around New South Wales and Victoria, often making camp in the urban centres of Sydney and Melbourne. Now they look beyond the horizons of the red country, currently preparing for their first foray beyond Australia’s shores.

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