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Arts Upper Hunter | Working With Disability

Arts Upper Hunter recently ran a series of workshops in partnership with disability service providers Witmore Enterprises in Singleton, Koora Industries in Muswellbrook and The Cottage in Gloucester, in the Hunter region.

Didgeridu virtuoso Charlie McMahon feautured prominently in the workshops, which began with him performing and worked up to participants joining in on the didgeribone and synthesiser, with lots of clapping, chatter and some impromptu dancing.

Regional Arts Development Officer Mark Reedman said, “Disability service providers in our region do a great job of incorporating the arts in their work and we want to complement this work with more visits by professional artists, particularly from the performing arts.”

Nicky Dowsett, Cottage Coordinator of the Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group said, “A huge thank you to Arts Upper Hunter for initiating a wonderful session with Charlie McMahon – Mark & Charlie entertained everybody with their mixture to technology and didgeridoo.  What an experience for the guys to get an opportunity to make “music” with the didgeridoo, thanks to Charlie’s demonstration and instructions.   His chat about the breathing technique required, mechanics and history of this instrument was informative and encouraging – as it turned out, quite a people grasped the technique for breathing immediately!  This workshop was not focused on ability – it was all about participation & enjoyment, and its success was measured by the joy on every person’s face.”

The workshops were Arts Upper Hunter’s first project working with disability arts, a key focus area for the organisation.

Various projects have been managed by regional arts boards in this area, since the Access All Areas initial project was launched by Regional Arts NSW. Read more about this exciting disability arts project here.