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Minimal Effort | Expect the Unexpected


Dubbo’s newest arts space, the Fire Station Arts Centre, was recently the venue for the first performance of Minimal Effort, the latest project of artist, Joseph Simons, combining dance and physical theatre in an hour performance of unexpected dance and improvisation.

Joseph Simons is a professional dancer and choreographer, originally from Dubbo, who has spent the last few years touring the USA, Australia, Asia and the UK with many of Australia’s major dance companies. In Minimal Effort he is joined by a dynamic duo from Bathurst, the theatre company, Lingua Franca – Alison Plevey and Adam Deusien.

Joseph explains that each performance of Minimal Effort is deliberately completely different from the last. The performers come to the venue about an hour before the audience arrives and create a loose structure for the show, but let the electricity of the room, and the magic of the moment, take over once the performance begins.

The Fire Station Arts Centre’s main gallery created an intimate environment, where the audience was seated on scatter cushions and benches around the perimeter. Everyone had a front row seat.

Simons says, “There’s something really special about seeing dance up close. Hearing the breathing, and really seeing what the body is doing is a great experience.”

Dance improvisation is a virtuosic skill requiring years of training.  Throughout the show the cast must have a complete awareness of what the others are doing, and what the audience can see.

“It takes a lot of effort to maintain concentration throughout the performance, but it’s also incredibly fun. The three of us know each other very well and have had a lot of experience working together so we’re able to trust each other completely,” explains Simons.

The two Dubbo performances were a sell out with a crowd of 114. After the show, the audience have an opportunity to participate in a Q&A with the artists. During one of the Q&A sessions an audience member from Newcastle thanked the performers for the privilege of witnessing such a performance.

Minimal Effort plans to tour nationwide.

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