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NSW Programs Receive Festival Australia Funds


Festival Australia has announced the successful applicants for 2013 funding which include 3 programs from NSW.

Festival Australia supports established regional arts festival programs with finances to improve and continue to innovate with their programming.  The provision of funding for these projects acknowledges the importance of arts-driven activities at festivals for stimulating local economy and creating jobs in regional and remote communities. Many of the arts programs and projects linked to regional festivals form opportunities for people with disabilities, diverse cultural groups, the elderly, youth and people at risk.

Arts Minister Tony Burke said, ‘In our regional communities, these shared arts and cultural experiences have an important role to play, creating new opportunities for community engagement and building a shared sense of identity.’

The panel that assessed the applications noted that future applications should contain both the festival details and project budgeting details. Festivals Australia encourages future applicants to discuss the budget template with program staff as part of their application process.


The successful NSW programs are:

Eden Whale Festival Inc. – $34,850
Illuminating Stories of the Port of Eden artist-in-residence program will work with local artists, video makers, photographers to create illuminated costumes & props that can be used in evening performances during the festival as art of the Eden Whale Festival, Eden.

Inverell Shire Council – $10,600.00
Yilambu – Yilaathu project aims to engage Indigenous youth through digital storytelling and workshops. The youth will compare their lives with the experiences of their Elders at the same age with the digital stories screened to the community during the Sapphire City Festival, Inverell.

Wingham Akoostik Festival Committee – $2,970
The project extends the two day Akoostik Festival format to three days with the third day dedicated to choirs for workshop and performance time for eight community choirs, Wingham.


Image Credit: Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance. (Fish woven at Saltwater Freshwater Festival workshops.)