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Museums & Galleries NSW Exhibitions Register


Issue 2 of the Museums & Galleries NSW  Exhibitions Register for 2013 is now open for submissions.

The Exhibitions Register is M&G NSW’s free electronic publication promoting touring exhibitions available to the museum and galleries sector in NSW and across Australia.

The register is widely accessed and connects potential travelling exhibitions with potential host venues. The Register is published twice a year and submissions are accepted from public galleries, museums, curators, artists and artist-run initiatives. You can register as many exhibitions as you like and it’s free.

If you would like to have an exhibition published in Issue 2 of the register please complete a submission form and return to us with an image you’d like representing your exhibition (image requirements are jpeg 300 dpi).

To download a submission form or to view the previous issue of the Exhibitions Register visit the M&G NSW website here .



DEADLINE: 5pm Friday 26 July 2013


REGISTRY: M&G NSW website on 7 August 2013

INFO: Lillian Lim (02) 9339 9905 /

OR: Jasmin Dessmann  (02) 9339 9916 /


Image Credit: Exhibitions Register 2013, Issue 1 cover image by Stefan Popescu, Nude Studies, 2009.  (From the exhibition Striking Contrasts.)