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Gail Naden Wins NAIDOC Poster Competition


Indigenous artist, Gail Naden, who lives in Gilgandra, NSW has won the 2013 National NAIDOC Poster Competition with her digital artwork titled Claiming our Ground.

The artwork will feature on the 2013 National NAIDOC Poster, displayed across Australia to promote NAIDOC Week which runs from 7-14 July.

Gail has a Bachelor of Arts (Graphic Design) and has worked in the printing industry for twenty years and as a practising artist for thirty five years. She was a finalist in the Parliament of New South Wales Indigenous Art Prize 2005 and 2006.

“It is a privilege to be recognised with a national award after 35 years of working in the arts industry, and it gives encouragement to other emerging artists that there are rewards,” Gail said.

Claiming Our Ground consists of two photographs, one depicting the legs of men walking around the land and one of water particles embossed to create crevices. Ochre colours were added, and circles of communities were drawn to give the impression of distances occupied by Gail’s fore fathers and mothers.

Gail said that she had wanted to create an artwork that reflected this year’s NAIDOC theme – We Value the Vision, Yirrkala Bark Petitions 1963 – and represented perseverance and success.

“The concept is about gaining land through education, through perseverance and through believing that we can attain success ourselves.

“The message is about grabbing hold of something that you really believe in and making that a success in your life, like the Yolngu people did 50 years ago.”

The artist received a $5000 cash prize for her submission to the competition.  Despite Gail’s talent and interest in graphic design, she says she still enjoys traditional methods of creating art.

“Graphic design influences me,” Gail said. “I have used the mouse as my paintbrush and it is just a different tool to using a real paintbrush. I still physically paint, but using a computer is another medium other than using natural resources.”

Click here to order your copy of Gail’s poster.