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Alyce Fisher Leaves South West Arts


South West Arts is savouring its final days with its energetic RADO, Alyce Fisher, who is heading overseas in May. Bubbly Alyce is leaving Deniliquin to teach at a summer camp in south-western New Hampshire and then travel the world. She joined the network in October 2009 with a background in theatre and the performing arts.

Alyce has worked to raise the profile of the organisation in her region, whilst battling some unique challenges. ‘Living through a mouse plague was pretty full-on and not something I want to do again,’ she recalls. ‘We face arts infrastructure challenges in our part of the world as we have no theatre, gallery or cinema in our whole area.’

She has also been at the frontline of community engagement, working to transform local people’s perception of, and relationship with, the arts.

‘In general, ours is a region where sport is king and arts appreciation is low,’ she says.   ‘I hear lots of comments like “I don’t have anything to do with the arts” or “I don’t like the arts,” but they will say this to me at a concert or film screening and I say – “What do you think you’re supporting / interacting with right now?!” We work on a very grass roots level across all art forms out here.’

In her three years with SWA she has instigated projects such as ACRE (Australia’s Creative Rural Economy), red carpet film premieres, the Young At Heart seniors film festival, and an Arts and Disability Supported studio program called Studio 2710. Her passion and drive made an impressive mark on the region’s creative scene.

She promises she will certainly be back to visit in the future, ‘Overall I have learnt so much and I don’t think there is any other job in the world which could give me the kind of hands-on experience which being a RADO has given me,’ she says. ‘I feel that I have raised the profile of South West Arts within our region and established some really strong partnerships.’

RANSW wishes Alyce the very best in her future endeavours. Her boundless enthusiasm will be missed. We also welcome Stephanie Gordon to the network; Stephanie joins the South West Arts team as Projects, Promotions and Administration Officer. ‘I am really excited to have joined the network and I know I have lots to learn in coming months,’ she says.


Image: Stephanie Gordon, 2013 courtesy of South West Arts Inc.