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Director Paige Rattray and her nimble-limbed trio of actors have attracted acclaim for a while now, since Cut Snake (written by Amelia Evans and Dan Giovannoni) first hit the stage in Victoria. Currently showing in Sydney, this exuberant play is planning to tour regional NSW later in the year and is currently seeking expressions of interest from regional town theatres and performance spaces.

Regional Arts NSW’s Estelle Pigot and Millie McMahon went to the show in Sydney last week to investigate the sock-puppetry, acrobatics and an ill-fated Contiki bus trip.

The glistening eyes of the ushers, the makeshift circus-tent sheets strung up around the stage and the jewel-toned throw cushions are the first hints of this play’s celebration of youthful optimism.

We learn the entwined tales of childhood friends Jumper (Kevin Kiernan-Molloy), Kiki (Catherine Davies) and Bob (Julia Billington), and their whimsical dreams which are pulled into sharp focus when Jumper sets off on an doomed bus trip in Croatia.

While youthful tragedy, thwarted dreams and disenchantment should not make for comic relief, this rollicking performance defies the rules and is a delight to behold. Giggles and guffaws could be heard throughout the crowd as they cheered on the players who tangoed, tumbled and time-travelled.

Cut Snake is bound to lighten the hearts and liven the mood of regional audiences young and old when it kicks off the tour in September. Highly adaptive staging means that they invite interest from unconventional performing spaces. With support from Arts NSW, Critical Stages is touring the play to rural and remote communities.

“Critical Stages is extremely excited to be teaming up with Arthur to present Cut Snake to regional communities across NSW,” says Michael Sieders, Critical Stages’ NSW Producer. “This is a truly unique piece and we all feel that no matter where it goes audiences will come out feeling uplifted. What is even more exciting is that this work is testament to the true power of really great story telling, with fantastic characters and energetic performances to truly engage and captivate audiences. You don’t want to miss out on this show.”

To book Cut Snake contact Critical Stages.



Available to tour for 3 to 4 weeks in September – October 2013

Deadline: Friday 19th April

Contact: Michael Seiders

Tel: (02) 9331-3107



Image credit: Photograph by John Feely