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Photographers, The Ronalds, live on a half-acre block in the Eastern Riverina. Patrick and Shannon have added their own quirky touches to make a creative haven from which they live and work. Vintage cameras are on display, inspirational nooks and crannies – even their very own outdoor cinema – are all part of their bohemian abode.  This week,  ABC Open has featured their Creative Space. You you can read the full interview here.

On finding inspiration and producing creative work from their regional home, Shannon Ronald told ABC Open Riverina, “Our best work has been created in the country. The urgency of creativity is not dampened in the country, in fact inspiration seems to flow more readily when we are in a stable and relaxed environment.

We have done our stint in Sydney with a commercial gallery, but found it very hard to stay focused on being creative, our time was taken up by bright lights and the struggle to afford to live there…We soon realised that we did not need to live in the city to create work that appealed to people who lived in cities.”

The couple met each other at Charles Sturt University in Albury and have worked collaboratively since 2005, applying intricate digital manipulation to create rich images.

Read their bio on the Eastern Riverina Arts website.


Image: Home cinema,  The Ronalds (images taken for ABC Open Riverina 2013)