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STARTS Get New Team Member


Southern Tablelands Arts (STARTS) have appointed Giselle Newbury as the latest addition to their team. Giselle has studied creative writing, ran an antiquarian bookshop and art gallery in Taralga and Goulburn and is the mother of two children.  “I have always had a strong interest in art and I am enjoying the exposure to such a wonderful diversity of art and culture in our regions.”

RADO Elizabeth Brown was interviewed by The Goulburn Post about the appointment;  “This year, the Arts Minster George Souris, was wonderful enough to give us $35,000 to create a whole new position within our offices here at the McDermott Centre,” she said.

With a recent injection of funding, STARTS needed an extra pair of hands to assist with managing new projects and writing grant applications, which Giselle has already successfully begun working on. “I am really excited to be part of such a fantastic team,” she says.

Giselle has also been charged with the task of streamlining STARTS’s media and communications processes. Additionally, she will be working to build engagement across social media. Her focus will be “to create interest and build audiences for our local artists, galleries and performance spaces though Facebook, our webpage and our newsletter.”

We are very happy to welcome Giselle to the network.

Photo (left to right): Pru Goward (Member for Goulburn), Elizabeth Brown (STARTS RADO), Fiona Churchill (STARTS) and Giselle Newbury (STARTS)

Photo by Antony Dubber, The Goulburn Post (2013)